Thursday, August 12, 2010

Every Moment....Cherished!

It was already the night before the 'Queen' was to arrive, Dustin and Kassidy kept themselves busy making a welcome sign and making sure every last detail of preparing for the 'Queen' (hehe) was done.  The banner was 10 feet long! and because they were totally puzzled as to who the 'Queen' was, this is what their banner read...

In case you cannot read it , it says "Welcome Royal Family to Our Humble Home" We love you

It is with utmost gratefulness that I get to share with all of you a little glimpse of the treasures we welcomed into our home and our lives for one week....

Jae-Un and Jae-ah (a.k.a. Kathy and Kelly)

From the moment we locked eyes as they came through the doors into the room of many strangers all awaiting their special loved ones too, we quickly ran into each others arms and the tears of Joy began to fall!  Dustin and Kassidy...yelling and running
"Kathy and Kelly",
"I can't believe it",
We couldn't stop staring...they were so beautiful and so grown up, they were young ladies now.  Even Corey was smitten with them both (as they were with him), and warmed up to them quite quickly!
The rest of the week is quite a blur as there was never a moment that we weren't catching up...laughing...hugging...praying...laughing some more and making the most of EVERY moment we had together!  They were the much anticipated "Queens" for the week.

We sat up until 3am the first night...of course talking and giggling...we picked up where we left off 5 years ago...and it was bliss.

We went for Ice-cream at Adeleen Dairy.  For those of you who don't know, they make the BEST ice-cream ever, fresh!  It was wonderful and sunny. Scott took advantage of the big tree that was begging him to climb it! and Corey couldn't resist his first tree climb too!!

Here are some highlights from our time together...
Just before the water fight!

meeting and feeding the horses
Canoeing in Pitt Meadows
taking a break and enjoying the view
<><><><><><><>                         <><>    <>
One of the many trampoline times

Kassidy and Kathy in Stanley Park

This was the mud wasp nest we found outside our front door!

Inside the wasp nest we found at least 100 spiders that were paralyzed but still alive, and plenty of larvae!!

These baby racoons were wandering around the park and deceivingly friendly!
more fun in Stanley Park
a brotherly moment

I just love the look on Corey's face as Dustin catches him at the bottom :)
on the seawall as the sun was setting, so beautiful!
On our way to go blueberry picking.
Kelly and Dustin having fun!
My handsome son picking blueberries for the first time.
Kathy, isn't she beautiful???
Kelly, isn't she beautiful too???
My pretty girl, I love her smile!
even Corey got in on the action of blueberry picking (ok so he ate more than he saved!!) but he had loads of fun!
The love of my life!
what else do you do with all those blueberries, but of course...blueberry custard pie mmmm good! By the way the girls made these all on their own, I just gave direction :)
we celebrated Grandma Carol's birthday with this made by the girls peaches and cream dessert! can you say mmmm again?
learning to play boche ball in Grandma and Grandpas backyard.
a cuddly moment
we were reminiscing as we used to do this before bed 5 years ago when the girls were with us, in case your wondering,  this is very good on the stomache muscles (Scott had already been in bed but couldn't resist wondering what all the laughter was as it was much harder this time!  good times
My DH  was whipping us up a batch of cookies, well ok, it looks that way but actually he was just helping Kassidy to remove the cookies that she herself had prepared to give to the girls for their plane ride home ... very sweet of her! and they tasted really yummy too!!

Kathy getting ready to learn how to make candles!
this was taken the morning before they  left us, we wanted to teach them how to make candles so that is exactly what we did!
WOW, the finished product...homemade candles...and they took them all home as a gift from us!
Well we had sooo much fun together that we forgot about rush hour traffic going to the airport so we made it there JUST in time...they were the last to board the plane...our goodbye was rushed, but yet there was still time for tears, and hugs.

The final moment before we watched them walk away down the corridors and through the doors out of our sight, we waved and cried and waved somemore wishing for just a few moments more.
We wouldn't trade this week for anything in the world
Kelly and Kathy... YOU ARE LOVED and sadly missed

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